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Thermocouple Sensor Safety Upgrade for Commercial Burner (kwali range) in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Thermocouple sensor for gas safety upgrade and supplier in KL and Selangor

Do not put yourself at risk of potential gas explosion accidents! Nobody wants accidents to happen but it does when people are careless. Consider upgrading your commercial gas burner (kwali range) with a gas thermocouple sensor.

A gas thermocouple sensor is a safety mechanism device that shuts off the gas supply when the flame is off or accidentally extinguished. Flame can be accidentally extinguished from blowing wind or from overspilling water from a boiling pot. In older gas stoves without the thermocouple sensor, gas will still be continuously released even though the flame is off. Gas fires and explosions occur when there is a spark in an closed area with large amount of accumulated gas. With a thermocouple sensor, it safely cuts off the gas supply to the burner hub when it detects that the flame is off.

Modern gas stoves and burners come with a thermocouple sensor built into them. For those with older gas stoves, especially commercial restaurant kitchens, it might be very costly to upgrade and overhaul the entire kitchen. However, we are able to provide an affordable yet just as safety solution, by upgrading your gas stove with a thermocouple sensor. With more than 15 years of experience in dealing with gas stoves, piping and appliances, we help make kitchens safer for you, your hungry customers and your properties. So do seriously consider upgrading your commercial burner (kwali range) with a gas thermocouple sensor.

Licensed Gas Pipe System Maintenance and Installation Service KL, Selangor, Malaysia

Just to note for commercial restaurants and eateries using licensed gas pipe systems, the Energy Commission (Suruhanjaya Tenaga) Malaysia has made it mandatory to have thermocouple sensors installed on their gas stove burners as part of the requirement for their commercial business license renewal process in every 2 years.

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