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Our gas contractors are both skilled and certified competent, by the Energy Commission (Suruhanjaya Tenaga) of Malaysia, to operate on LPG gas related items and machineries and experienced to perform services such as inspection, repairs, service maintenance and installation.

Safety is priceless. Do not wait until disaster strikes only to regret.
We strongly encourage periodic service maintenance of all LPG gas related appliances. Think and consider about the safety of people around, your properties and even yourself.

We provide the services mentioned above for:

  1. Commercial kitchens – hotels’ kitchen, restaurants, pubs, bistros, schools’ canteens, factory’s canteen, center kitchens, shopping mall’s restaurants.
  2. Industrial class machinery – food processing and manufacturing factories.
  3. Domestic and home kitchen – landed and high-rise properties

Do you allow an uncertified doctor to diagnose about your health and operate on you?
That’s why you should only engage certified competent gas contractors, who are trained and know exactly what they are doing.

Gas stove and Pipe System Service in KL and Selangor

Gas Stove and Pipe Service and Maintenance

Everything is subjected to wear and tear. Don’t wait until it breaks down during important moments such during rush hour or when you have important guests. Have your gas appliances serviced regularly to prevent malfunctions and potential catastrophe such fires and explosions

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Gas stove and piping system inspection in KL and Selangor

Gas Stove and Pipe System Inspection

Do you smell the gas? It could be due to the faulty LPG regulator. It could also be leaking from a possible tear or crack on the gas hose or pipe. Whatever it is, contact us immediately for our trained gas contractor to inspect for you. We will help you detect the problem and advise the best solution to solve the problem

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Gas stove and Pipe System Repair in KL and Selangor

Gas Stove and Pipe System Repair

Malfunctioning stove and pipe system may cause more than just a slow fire. Common parts like the low-pressure regulator or pipe system and hose is subjected to wear and tear and may be damaged after long service and usage. Improper repairs may result in gas leakages causing fire and explosions

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Gas stove and pipe system installation in KL and Selangor

Gas Stove and Pipe System Installation

Moving to a new place to stay? Renovating your kitchen? Setting up a new working kitchen for your business? Either way, you need to get your gas stove and the pipe system to be installed. Contact us and let our certified competent gas contractors help install it for you safely. This is something that you do not want to cut corners because safety is priceless. Proper installation can prevent fire damages to human lives and your property.

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Gas stove burner flame upgrade in KL and Selangor

Gas Stove Burner Upgrade

Is your gas stove producing high heat intensity flame that you need for your cooking? Don’t be left waiting for things to be cooked slowly when you have hungry mouths waiting for your food. Learn how we can help upgrade your gas stove burner to produce higher heat to serve those hungry paying customers quicker.

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Gas stove thermocouple sensor upgrade in KL and Selangor

Gas Stove Thermocouple Sensor Safety Upgrade

Make the kitchen a safer place for you, your staff, your property and your customers by upgrading your gas stove with a thermocouple sensor that will automatically cut off the gas supply when the flame is off by accident or carelessness.

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