Gas Leak Symptoms

In most kitchens, regardless whether it is a home kitchen or commercial kitchen, most of us still use and rely natural gas to fire up our stoves to cook up meals. However, most of us are unaware when a gas leak is occurring. While some are might be sensitive enough to pick up the strange odor but most are not able to due to its almost odorless scent. Tragedies happen when people are careless and unaware. Here are some pointers about warning signs and symptoms of a possible natural gas leak in your surrounding.

Sound and Smell

These are two of the most obvious signs of a possible gas leak. Any hissing or blowing sounds coming from the gas stove or the piping may indicate a leakage. While natural gas is almost odorless, some gas cylinder manufacturers or gas line companies add scent additives to assist their users in detecting a potential gas leakage through smell. When natural gas is burnt cleanly, there will be no odor. Any sign of odor will be due to a leak somewhere.

Headache, Dizziness and Nausea

These are foremost, one of the best indication of a potential natural gas leakage, especially for those people are frequently working around gas stoves and appliances, including those living in close proximity. While these symptoms may be usual and nothing extraordinary, but sudden or unexplainable symptoms like these should not be ignored or belittled.

Irregular Breathing and Difficulties

Inhaling of natural gas may trigger breathing difficulties and irregularities, especially noticable on people with weaker respiratory systems like children or elderly. Breathing in natural gas decreases the oxygen supply in your body and may trigger the victim to breathe in deeper and harder for more oxygen. Lack of oxygen in the lungs and blood stream may cause unconsciousness and seizures. Long-term exposure to natural gas may results in long-term health issues such as epilepsy, pneumonia, memory loss, depression, claustrophobia and heart problems.


Suddenly unexplainable loss in energy and fatigue could also be due to exposure to natural gas. As mentioned previously, inhaling natural gas causes inadequate oxygen flowing in the body resulting in lethargic feelings.


These are so of the many symptoms that may occur due to a gas leak in your kitchen or somewhere in close proximity to you. If you suspect that there is a gas leakage, you should not hesitate to call a competent gas contractor that is authorized by the Energy Commission to do the inspection and any gas stove and piping repair services.